Candlesticks Patterns – Profit When Patterns Fail

At Master Trader, we teach that less is more when it comes to your charting to make money in the markets.

Candlestick Patterns are start to creating a technical analysis trading strategy.

For most, candlesticks are used to define reversal patterns that follow through as they signal that they will.

However, when a candlestick reversal fails they shock traders that have taken a position based a signal.

These shocks create great profitable trading opportunities for those that learn to recognize them.

This session will bring clarity to what confuses the majorities.


The language of candlesticks and how to interpret price action 

​Advanced candlestick patterns

​How to profit from failed candlestick patterns

​How candlestick pattern show you the emotions of traders

Common sense technical analysis without indicators 

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Bank of America (BAC) Topping Tail

A Topping Tail (TT) that forms after making new new high communicates that seller are taking advantage of that strength in the moment to take profits. The TT that formed can after a period of consolidation, which should not happen. Breakouts to new highs — after a consolidation — should close near the high of the day.


Master Traders don’t short this type of Topping Tail since it occurs within an uptrend and support is below.

Ideally, the TT is ignored and prices move higher, which would signal strong demand where buyers are still in control. A sideways correction over a few days would be bullish also. A move under the prior low would be bearish.


MasterTrader and You Building Your Financial Future Together

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