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Master Trader Trend Analysis

Up-trends are defined by higher highs and higher lows. Downtrends by lower highs and lower lows. It is that simple.

The break of a Trend line is misleading and often wrong as a signal of change.

However, that is what the majority use even being whipsawed, what do they do? They redraw the line again!

Master Trader Candle Analysis

Candlesticks are how the Master Trader views price charts since they show the actions, beliefs and expectations of investors and traders.

One candle reversal signal is not a reason to act - unless it is aligned with a trend, support or resistance. In other words, it's the location of the signal, not just the reversal for a Master Trader.

Master Trader Price Analysis

Price is King to the Master Trader because that is what we trade.

Indicators are a derivative of price, can never lead and always lag. So why are they so widely used by so many?

You have been led to believe that they are needed to determine turning points by those that sell them!

Stop Following The Majority Using Old Technical Analysis Techniques!

Learn to become a Master Trader using "Simple Analysis" to make money investing and trading the markets.

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